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Mike Gergye | Founder & Principal

A long-time telecommunications professional, Mike brings over 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics space to Vert. With a background in sales, operations, project management, analytics, and program design, Mike acts as the principal coordinator for all of our clients.


His experience includes C-Level roles in the recommerce space overseeing operations, sales, people, and marketing. He is passionate about driving the growth of the green economy and believes that what is good for the planet is also profitable for companies. He describes recommerce as not just necessary for ESG but necessary for any long-term growth strategy.

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founder's Story

When I entered the workforce, I quickly learned that it is not about your pedigree but the impact you can make that determines your trajectory. I worked my way through college and grad school by focusing on enabling the people around me to be as effective as possible.

I started that journey of needs identification and impact in the retail soft lines sector. I worked my way up from a front-line employee to leading operations activities for one of the country's largest telecommunications companies. Having spent time at OEMs, Carriers, and Telecom Retailers, I moved into the recommerce space in 2019.

While leading operations for that company, I fell in love with the fact that I could go to bed every night knowing I was driving a profitable business while also having a positive impact on the environment. I was hooked. I now sit on the advisory boards for several companies in the space and provide ongoing consulting to major players in the recommerce industry.


john reints
Managing Partner

A veteran of the software and insurance industries, John Reints acts as managing partner for Vert Consultants, specializing in marketing, SEO, and web traffic funnel architecture. As a former CMO for both marketing and staffing agencies, John's understanding of the online space and his ability to solve unique problems is unmatched. His ingenuity and ability to diagnose consumer and business acquisition problems both in a B2B and B2C setting demonstrate his psychology education and deep understanding of web traffic analytics. John leads all of the creative projects for Vert Consultants and acts as the primary point of contact for our clients for marketing and web funnel services. John is passionate about sustainability while creating opportunities inside the recommerce market to drive economic growth.

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our consultant network

Our Consultant Network represents top talent in their fields. Former CEOs, CMOs, and CTOs, partner with Vert Consulting to offer advice and complete work that enables companies to optimize their participation in recommerce. We work in a 100% virtual environment with detailed discovery and scope of work diligence completed before any project launches. There is no challenge that is too difficult for our team.

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