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understand the value chain

Participating in Recommerce can be a challenge for any business. The logistics of collecting used goods for resale and enabling product sales that meet your brand quality requirements are complex. You need the right partners and processes in place at every point in the value chain.

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build your value chain


Determine the best way to procure product. Regardless of where your consumers are or what channels you want to build first, we can find the right software and partners to enable your goals.


Recommerce hinges on quality, price, and experience. We can assist with market trends, fair values, and the data required to make intelligent decisions.


Reverse logistics are about speed, visibility, and great consumer experiences. We can custom design programs to move products from consumers' hands to your facilities.


Inventory tracking and device traceability are critical components to your recommerce program. We can design programs that ensure serialized intake and excellent customer communication.


The quality criteria for any product that you receive is critical to resale. We can assist with inspection components that exceed industry standards and find the right software partners to help manage massive inventory inflows.


There will always be an element of requoting offered values in recommerce. Whether buying in bulk or facilitating consumer trade-up programs, you'll need great messaging and tools to ensure customer satisfaction.


Customers expect prompt payment. We can assist with delayed and instant payment setups to align with your goals and risk profiles.


Inspection is a valuation exercise, while grading is a resale exercise. These activities will always be similar, but each has nuances. We can design your product triage strategy versus liquidation strategy to maximize your profitability. 


Depending on your product, repair may be as simple as patching a hole or as complex as rewiring a circuit board. We can help you identify partners with capabilities to maximize returns and ensure your products have the longest life profitable.


Every resale site will have requirements around kitting that need to fit with your brand guidelines. We can facilitate sourcing and fabrication for all required components.


D2C ready product requires optimized routing. We can help with integrator setup and listing channel evaluation to maximize your returns and turn rates.


Customers want product quickly today. We partner with top providers to quickly deliver your goods with full consumer traceability.


Every company receives returns. Ensuring that consumers are supported, inventory is reworked, and returned goods values are maximized are all core competencies of our partner network.

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